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Your commercial or industrial building’s roof is your first line of defense. Leaks and poor insulation are only two of the problems you could be facing and you need an expert solution.
Fixing your roofing issues creates an effective barrier around your business; a barrier from rising energy costs and expensive building repairs. In most cases, we can also complete your project without interrupting your business below. Metal roofing has all sorts of interesting innovations.
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Customized Re-Roofing Solutions

You want more than a one-size-fits-all roof protecting your building. When you work with The Tamora Group, we first analyze your unique business needs and thoroughly inspect your existing roof. We’ll then utilize your budget and preferences to guide our design for a tailored, cost-effective solution.

This is your chance to correct issues caused by flat roofs or inefficient insulation. With our talented team and current knowledge of materials and building systems, we maximize your project for value and efficiency.

What Types of Roofing Materials Do We Use?

Our teams have decades of experience in all types of buildings, but we focus on commercial and industrial roofing and re-roofing projects that use metal roofs and steel roofing solutions. These types of roofs dominate high-efficiency construction, and for good reason.

There’s no way around it: data centers, municipal buildings, retail centers, or any other large buildings require a reflective roof that keeps HVAC systems operating efficiently. Specifically, as a Butler Builder®, we have access to industry-leading metal roof systems like the MR-24®.

Using the MR-24 as an ideal example, with a 25-year warranty, and documented 50+ years of service, the longevity and efficiency of metal roofing is unrivaled by conventional materials.

Why Should You Choose Metal Roofing?

If the guarantees mentioned are any proof, metal roofing systems are long-lived roofing solutions that many owners have enjoyed for decades. It’s what happens during those decades that sets metal roofing apart.

With no chance of bug infestations, rotting, or a myriad of other problems that plague other types of roofs, metal roofing is also a low-maintenance choice. The seams used to seal your roofing panels together are designed not only to keep water out, but to move with the changing weather.

Adaptability and strength keep your metal roof system intact through the worst winds and weather.

What Re-Roofing Services Does The Tamora Group Offer?

You may have read about commercial roofing installations while business continues below, and that’s not a fever dream. Thanks to amazing innovations in roofing, we can build a new roof over your existing roof, using it to support your roof and saving valuable tear-off costs and time.

Correcting design errors like flat roofing is also a specialty of ours. Flat roofs cause pooling and water movement in less-than-ideal areas on your building’s roof. These areas weaken your defenses and water damage can seep into all areas of your building. This does’t have to be your future.

With a slope build-up re-roofing project, your new roof will control the flow of water to appropriate diversion systems. You may also enjoy lowered energy bills, due to your new, weathertight roofing system.

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