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We specialize in commercial construction for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, including interior fit outs, tenant improvement, and tenant fit outs.

Tenant Improvements, Interior Fit-out Construction, and Tenant Fit-Outs 

You’ve got the perfect location, but the building needs work. Or a previous tenant had a busy packaging and distribution business, and you want to open a law office in the same space. Our commercial clients all have one thing in common, however.

Regardless of the details, you need an interior fit out and want the best commercial construction company for the job. Leasing a building is a great way to save on costs, but finding the right location that meets all your needs is a lot to ask!

So you don’t just need an interior fit out—you need The Tamora Group.
From retail locations to manufacturing and warehousing construction, The Tamora Group has experience with tenant improvements and fit outs in your industry. Through the years we’ve found that our clients have three major concerns:


How Much Will It Cost?

Budgeting Commercial Tenant Fit Out Construction Projects

In commercial construction, saying “money is no object” is never a good idea. Staying on budget is important to us all, and tenant improvements can be even more challenging. You can’t have hidden costs pushing back your opening date.

You need a reliable budget that is established early. For that, your chosen interior fit out contractor needs decades of experience to not only estimate costs but to see problems that might come up before they happen when possible.
You don’t want someone else’s patch job or a previous tenant’s less-than-stellar building maintenance schedule to slow down your project. Using our team’s full experience in retail construction, commercial construction, and specialized skill set, we bring you a realistic budget early in the building process.

That way, you can focus on grand openings and not change orders.


How Long Will It Take?

Timelines for Commercial Interior Fit Out Construction

No one can predict the future, but The Tamora Group can give you a reliable project timeline based on historical project data, industry knowledge of current supply lines, and experience across hundreds and hundreds of projects.

Design-build construction creates faster project completion times, and The Tamora Group happens to specialize in this increasingly popular method. This brings us in early, before plans are even drawn, if possible, and you collaborate with our team to develop the ideal construction solution for your business.
We act on your behalf to create the highest quality project within your timeline and budget — using our industry connections and experience.

Design-build keeps the quality control firmly with your chosen construction team. This keeps your project on time, as we’re not relying on separate teams for change orders or subcontracted work. We control the project to flow as efficiently as possible using our established teams.


What Will I Get?

High-Quality Tenant Improvements with The Tamora Group

You want a building that will serve your business for decades. You want it to have low maintenance requirements and be energy-efficient: you want the highest quality construction for the lowest cost, and it needs to be delivered as soon as possible.

High-quality construction is what we do. As one of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey’s top commercial construction companies, our name rides all across the land on our work, and we bring this same commitment to your interior fit out.

Major Concerns We Address for Your Tenant Improvement Clients:

  • Open Floor Plans
  • Accessibility and ADA Compliance
  • Technology Integration
  • Branding Requirements
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Using our experience, The Tamora Group will help you complete an interior fit out that meets regulations and special orders. We love helping clients meet advancing and improving accessibility regulations so their businesses can better serve all of their communities.

As technology advances, we also help you achieve technology integration, like automated systems and solar panels.

For more than just data centers clients, technology integrations are requested often, and many commercial construction clients need buildings modified to use the latest in time-saving, production-increasing systems.

These clients often want their lease improvement to create a more energy-efficient building, and they’d also like to focus on sustainable building solutions.

We’ve partnered with Butler Manufacturing™ to bring you building systems, insulated metal panels, and other components created from recycled steel and efficient materials. The best benefit of using these sustainably focused products is the increased energy efficiency they often have built-in—we want to save you money long after your project is complete.

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