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The Tamora Group has paired with Butler Manufacturing™ since 1989. This partnership has led to countless successful construction endeavors. Having the ability to utilize the resources of an industry leader in innovation and technology has allowed us to provide our customers with the best building solutions for their specific needs. Below you will find how we can help you with your next project.

Design Build, Tenant Fit-Outs, and Butler Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems and Other Construction Services by The Tamora Group

We have been working with the exceptional team at Butler Manufacturing™ since 2001, and with their innovative technology, we offer our customers the best building solutions for their unique needs. We’ve tackled some impressive construction projects. Want to know more about what services we provide?

Butler Builder®

We bring you the best in metal building systems by partnering with the best name in steel construction: Butler Manufacturing™. We find Butler brings innovations like the Butler Advantage® NXT software system.

Focusing on “value engineering,” Butler provides experienced builders with the tools to create anything. Whether you want to use wood from the 100-year-old barn on your grandfather’s house or the latest in insulated metal panels and cool finishes for the ultimate cold storage building, we can help.

Design Build Construction

Studies show that Design-Build construction projects are more efficient in quite a few ways. Design Build construction saves clients and owners time and money while delivering an often more building with more value. Let’s look at how.

Design Build construction gives owners more freedom, handing the responsibility of overall project management to the Design-Build team.

In-House Architect

Professional architectural services. Some of these include:

  • Greater control and coordination over the design and construction process, as the architect can work closely with the construction team to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget. 
  • Better communication and collaboration between the client and the architect, as they are both working for the same company and can easily share information and ideas. 
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency, as the client does not have to pay for the services of an outside architect, and the construction team can more easily coordinate with the architect. 
  • Greater flexibility, as the architect can easily make changes to the design as the project progresses, rather than having to go through a separate firm.

Pre-Construction Services

With your best interests in mind, our pre-construction services are here to make your journey smooth and efficient. We’re all about helping you make smart choices with confidence.
Our seasoned team of experts works closely with you to set clear project goals, work out budgets, check what’s possible, and plan the timeline together.
What’s more, our pre-construction services cover everything from getting expert advice on architecture and engineering to crafting designs that really work, all while keeping costs in check and making sure you get the most value out of your project.

Construction Management

Building a new property is like piecing together a 1000-piece puzzle. You have a vision of this property, but you need an excellent construction manager to build it. That’s where The Tamora Group comes in.

You’re getting a professional who will oversee every aspect of the project – from budget and schedule to quality control. We’ll make sure that everything runs like clockwork, ensuring that your building is completed on time, and within budget, with the highest quality standards.

Most importantly, we’ll make sure that everything is done safely. Think of a construction manager as the symphony conductor of your building project: we’ll make sure all the pieces come together at the right time to make perfect harmony.

Drone Services

We proudly offer cutting-edge drone services tailored to elevate your project to new heights. Our skilled drone operators capture high-resolution aerial imagery and conduct thorough site inspections, providing you with precise data for accurate planning and execution. Whether it’s surveying vast construction sites, monitoring project progress, or identifying potential areas for improvement, our drone services offer a unique and welcomed addition to your project.

Property Development and Management

You’ve been eyeballing a vacant lot or empty retail center but you’re not sure what to build. Or how to get started. The Tamora Group provides excellent professional property development and management services.

Property development can be a quagmire of red tape and unforeseen issues. The expansive industry experience of our in-house build teams gives us insider knowledge

Our clients receive expert services and consultations in dealing with renovation issues, existing property issues, and what permits are needed and regulations must be followed.

Being a construction company, we also easily handle property management accounts. Your property maintenance, like concrete repair, building maintenance, and preventive measures will all be handled by licensed, insured and competent experts in those fields.

You won’t have to deal with a “property manager” that has to wait for professionals to handle the job.

General Contracting

When it comes to general contracting, it’s like solving a complex puzzle with a thousand pieces. You may have a clear vision for your property, but you need an exceptional construction manager to bring it to life. This is where The Tamora Group excels. We provide skilled professionals who will oversee every aspect of your project, from budgeting and scheduling to quality control. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that everything runs smoothly, delivering your building on time and within budget, while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Safety is our top priority, and we take pride in orchestrating your construction project like a symphony conductor, harmonizing all the elements to perfection. Choose The Tamora Group for your general contracting needs and experience a successful outcome that exceeds your expectations. Serving Delaware, northeast Maryland, and southern New Jersey, we are renowned as the leading provider of metal building system solutions, construction management, and property development services.

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